Friday, December 4, 2015

A Strong Mindset To Overcome Setbacks

In anything one sets out to do in life, there will hardly be an easy path. If there is, maybe it wasn't an endeavor worth the time. Even if the challenges once faces aren't the hardest, they still arise. But then there are the ones that do slow us down, maybe even stop  us in our tracks. So what is the best way to get past these obstacles? Is there some sort of trick one can have in the bag that can be applied at any sign of trouble which will solve all? Not really.

So by now if you're still reading, you may be wondering where I'm going with this. In all facets of life, I've been encountering some difficulties lately and it's what prompted this entry.Well, if I'm being honest not all areas of life, but at least the ones I've been hoping to make the biggest strides in. I've talked on the podcast and in previous entries about my injury which has slowed my progress in terms of fitness. And I have to admit at times it gets frustrating, in fact more than that, I can't help but to get pretty upset about it. But I've talked about how trying new things has kept things fresh for me, and has allowed me to find other avenues to stay the course despite having certain limitations. Some of the things I've done to keep up have been discussed in the first few episodes of the podcast, but I'll discuss some more in the upcoming episode and future entries..

In fact it has payed off, I recently saw an orthopedic surgeon to follow up on my Type 1 SLAP tear (See image below), and though I was prepared to hear not so good news, I was cleared to start pushing in my training and that surgery may not be in fact required for my type of injury. It was also good to hear I've made pretty good improvements without surgery, as much as some make with it. This was very vindicating, as I chose to believe that if I kept working I could get better. I can' lie though at times I was convinced I'd need to go under the knife, but I had mentally prepared myself to do what was necessary both before and after to bounce back.

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So this brings me to my final point for this entry, which as cliche as it sounds, it's just plainly the truth. It's all in the power of the mind. This whole thing started with a choice to not stay down, to not allow myself to slip away into being another part of the obesity or chronic disease statistics. But even more important than that choice, were all the subsequent choices that have kept me going for almost two years now. The choice to build better habits, to not give up, and to stand back up every time I fell. And like my muscles through all my training, my mind grew sharper, stronger, and more flexible. Strong enough to not be broken through the tough times, sharp enough to recognize when I am faltering, and flexible enough to seek other avenues when I reached roadblocks. After all as set back is just something that sets you back, not that stops you. Unless you let it.

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