Sunday, December 27, 2015

Move of The Week: Lateral Kettlbell Swings

As person who likes to incorporate new moves into my workouts, I get it can be hard to come up with ways to keep your workouts fresh. If you're the type that doesn't mind the same thing all the time, great! In all honesty I sometimes wish I didn't get bored. Truth is though, most of us do. So Weekly I'll be posting a new exercise or move that might help for those looking for new ideas. Sometimes they'll be basic, sometimes more complex. But the aim will be to expand my repertoire, and everyone else's.

With that said, this week I'd like to share a move I incorporated into my workout today which really made me enjoy my workout, plus I feel it took it to the next level.  It's called the Lateral Kettlebell swing, though I've also seen it called a pendulum swing. Not sure what the actual name is, but it's one bad ass move. This move in particular is great for your core, rotational movement and power. Like almost all kettlebell exercises it will engage other muscles as well so you get a lot of bang of your buck. Just note, two exercises are shown in this video, I am referring to the first one, though I've done them both and loved them. Check out this video by Australian Kettlebell Instittue for a demonstration and subscribe to them on Youtube for more awesome videos.

Hope you'll incorporate this move into your own routines if you're into kettlebell training. Word of advice, this is not necessarily a beginner move, so if you're a novice please be careful, use light weight, and if possible work with an expert to get this move down. If you're more advanced and are confident, still be careful but swing away.


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