Tuesday, March 8, 2016

Move of The Week: Front Lever

If you've ever spent any time on Youtube at all looking at fitness videos, you've probably come across the channel Strength Camp run by Elliot Hulse and/or the channel for The Barstarzz. Today while searching for videos to inspire me out of few week slump I decided to look up a video that would give me pointers on a move I had been working on when I hurt my shoulder little over a year ago. The front lever, a very advanced move you can find a ton of videos on, and one that gymnast and bar athletes love. It requires great core and back strength and control.

Mountaineer John Gill Practicing a front lever.
While it is a move that seems new to many, it actually has been around for plenty of time. And like most old school moves it reaps major benefits to master. For one, it requires multiple muscles to work together to control the body and hold the position. The type of strength it requires can translate well into other areas as well. For example, below is a picture of a famous mountaineer named John Gill, whom is considered by many to be the father of modern bouldering.

Now why did I choose to master this move? Well simply put it is because of it's degree of difficulty. It's just a high bar I set for myself for the challenge. I've talked to a lot of folks who can perform this move, and all advised the same. It's all in the core and lower back. Sure your shoulders and lats play a big role as well. But in talking to all these folks I've also received pointers on exercises I can do to  build my way up to this difficult move. All seemed like great suggestions, and much to my surprise all where featured in the video I mentioned earlier. Also, if you see the suggested exercises in this video, each one can be a move of the week in and of itself depending on your fitness level.

Before I leave you with the video for reference I'd like to say three very important things:

  1. This is not a move for beginners, please don't try this unless you are ready for it. Also try to have partner for help.
  2. Note the moves are sort of mentioned and shown in this video, there is no real prescription, but a suggestion to how one can incorporate them.
  3. Don't be surprised if it takes some time to get this down, unless you're already in great shape, this move WILL not come easy.
That's it, that's the move of the week. See the Video (Courtesy of  Strength Camp) Below.


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